Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bootleg (aka bastard pop) music - sweet

This stuff is actually pretty sweet. I haven't heard much of a new type of music in a while... But you got to hear some of this stuff. At first you might just think these songs are just techno remixes... But it's beyond that. These are geniusly planned out.

"Digital Journal -- I'’m sick of The Beatles. No one gets more airtime than John, Paul, George and Ringo, and after years of playing "“Hey Jude"” the band got boring. So how can the most prolific act reinvent itself? By releasing a hip-hop album, of course.

Okay, maybe the Fab Four didn'’t lay down their own beats, but in 2004 New York DJ Danger Mouse took the vocals from Jay-Z'’s The Black Album and combined it with music from The Beatles'’ White Album to create The Grey Album. This "“new"” record breathed life into an aging LP and helped bring the bootlegging -—- or mash-up --— genre to the mainstream. "

read the article about the music via digital journal

to just here some cool samples check out DJ Earworm's site

or check out the wiki page for bastard pop


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